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Building a Sound Future!

Brooks Acoustics creates internationally recognizedand award-winning, superior sound environments and noise control solutions.

Brooks Acoustics(BAC) is an acoustical consulting firm, comprised of experienced engineers and designers who specialize in sound for the built environment. With offices in Florida and Connecticut, our projects extend throughout the US and internationally.

BAC addresses sonic concerns such as room acoustics, sound isolation between interior spaces, mechanical system noise, interior and exterior acoustical quality and user experience, noise control, environmental code compliance, permitting, site development and planning. We also provide state-of-the-art audio visual (AV) design services.

Designs for these projects are produced through the rigorous application of sound and vibration measurement and engineering analysis. BAC results and findings are documented, as appropriate, with written reports and/or presentations to officials and government authorities. Our work product can include design drawings, construction specifications, and graphical and auditory design and test data.

BAC is an effective team member. We have a history of delivering results that impress and bringing value to each and every project we work on. We're proud to continue that tradition today. Nothing makes us happier than the success of our clients.

We're ready to integrate with your team at every level of design.

Brooks Acoustics Corp. is prepared to meet your team where they are. By leveraging building information modeling (BIM) technology, BAC elevates your design beyond just CAD and incorporates programmatic elements into one central model. Contact us today and incorporate an acoustical design strategy into your BIM execution plan.

Pursuing LEED Certification?

Consider enlisting an acoustical consultant. The U.S. Green Building Council awards points toward LEED certification for acoustic performance. Whether it's a school, warehouse, hotel, or hospital, BAC remains up-to-date on evolving certification criteria and is well positioned to help your project attain LEED certification.


Building a Sound Future

Okan Tower - Miami
  • Technical Expertise

    Creating beautiful sound is our lives' work. BAC's capabilities are rooted in rigorous academic study and adherence to the scientific method. Our consultants are highly experienced and credentialed for what they do. We've been doing this for a long time and intend on growing our knowledge and expertise by our active participation in the academic, standards and professional communities.

  • Extensive Real-World Experience

    Technical proficiency is the essential foundation on which responsible consultancy is built. Real-world experience bridges the academic and the practical. Such experience informs our approach to creative problem solving, allowing our professionals to devise heuristic solutions for your organization's unique needs.

  • Client-Centered Philosophy

    Construction projects are living things. Circumstances shift and project managers must plan accordingly. BAC offers a suite of acoustical services. Whether your project needs acoustical testing, analysis, design, or administration, BAC is ready to meet you where you are. We pride ourselves on bringing value to every project we work on. Our services are optimized to meet your requirements.

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